Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chair Project

My parents bought two matching rockers from Tell City in the seventies. This one was recovered several years ago by a professional reupholsterer. It's okay, but very dark and still quite Early American looking.

This one still has its original skirt. EXTREMELY Early American!

Here is the original chair with its skirt removed. It has been sanded.

Here is one chair primed. The white primer gives a hint of what they will look like painted white or another light color.

I liked the idea of a black and white toile on the back cushion and skirt, with a pink seat cushion, like the pretty little chair Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing did. But I want to get away from the Early American look so I think a black and white, or brown and white Anthropologie type print would be better. Not quite to the point of choosing fabrics, though.


  1. These are going to be so CUTE! I like the idea of very modern/up to date fabric. I would have bought those chairs in a minute! How fun! I can't wait to see them finished. I'm so busy these days with the yard and projects in our fixer upper house. We do a little each spring. We have big stuff going on this year. Will you come by and let me know when you finish them? I would love to see how they end up

  2. It's gonna look so great once it's done!

  3. Hi GWG
    I got your message. That's a tough one. My neighbor and I go through that all the time. I finally tried this flat spray sealer. It stunk for awhile, but it looks very 'flat'.(Rust-oleum)
    Sometimes I can find the brush on latex sealer in flat, but not often. Seems like anything I brush on looks shiny. If you spray, try a small area. Sometimes it wants to crinkle up. I always have that same delima.
    Can't wait to see them finished!