Sunday, February 7, 2010

Typical Bargain Day

I discovered a consignment store on Thursday after class. It's brand new and they had a lot of nice things on sale. It looks like a good place to take things, too.

I replaced the black knitted bolero I lost. ALso found a short-sleeved BROWN one. I would love to just completely switch over to BROWN! (Is is possible to live without black, though? nah)

A pink and orange striped cashmere sweater!

A top that does not look good on me, but will on daughter. Hope we stay the same size. It sure is handy for shopping!

Should have bought the little leopard print bag.

Dang it!


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for coming over to view my blog. You asked if I taught myself to rehpolster. Yes I did. I started with simple chairs (which turned out horrible!) then moved up to a little harder stuff. I really don't like to do it. I'd rather slipcover things. Now I know why they charge so much for this service. It's a pain. lol. Do you do it?
    I really related to your "purse glasses" story. I'm the exact same way. If I take them out of my purse, I might end up out and about without them. UGH!

  2. Wow, you should have hung on to the wing chair. I used to see them ALL THE TIME, then I finally bought one for $15.00, made a slipcover for it and it sold for $250.00! in a consignment store. So I thought I'd cover some more. Well, now I can't find one to save my life. I look constantly, but nothing. I did find one with a curved back for $20.00, but it's not that traditional wing back. Well, I'll keep looking.

  3. There are no good consignment stores in my neck of the woods; this post has made me eager to go out and find one - they always have such stunning pieces for sale!! :)