Sunday, March 7, 2010


I considered this shirt as fabric for a pleated ruffle. But it has no black in it. I, non-designer that I am, think that would be a problem in a dress with black buttons. I didn't buy it.

I didn't buy anything. The furniture room was practically empty except for this chair that had already been purchased and that this other lady really wanted and argued about for several minutes while I was there.

Give up, lady. Somebody else already bought it!

There were a couple of TV's and an ugly TV table. Bleah.

The other Goodwill in town is just as bleak. I think all the nouveau poor are buying things at Goodwill. I think the old poor should have priority.

It's hideous, isn't it? But it would make a good ruffle. heh

And here is a picture I uploaded by mistake, but it's kind of cute. From the night I took my boys bowling. One of the boys is not in the picture because he was... well, bowling.

I took an allergy pill and slept for a day and a half. I have not sewed or washed clothes or done any dishes. Just slept and studied.

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  1. I've only gone into a Goodwill store once in my life, and wasn't intrigued by anything that they had; therefore, I never returned. Maybe I'll give it another go sometime soon.

    Hope your allergies are doing better! I always have the same reaction to allergy medicine...I sleep forever!! :)